For thousands of years, in villages all around the world, when the time was right, the men came for the adolescent boys. They knew their young males would play a critical role in the survival of their tribe into the future. For that reason, intentionally launching boys on the path toward a solid and positive manhood was considered sacred men’s work. This is the mission of the Desert Men’s Council.


If you’re a young male ready to make this important crossing, a parent who is interested in these kinds of experiences for your son, or a man who feels called to join other men in support of our boys, we hope you’ll contact us.

Below you can read about our three main offerings. The Rite of  Passage Adventure Weekend, our Men’s Hut activities, and Open Circles for young males who have completed our passage weekends.


Rite of Passage Adventure Weekends

RPAW Group

RPAW Group

In our Tucson village, when the time is right, the men of The Desert Men’s Council conduct a powerful rite of passage weekend (RPAW) for our boys. It’s a wild ride, using an ancient model, in the desert wilderness. In this experience, we provide initiates 13 to 17 years old with the questions, challenges, and time with a tribe of good men to insure they are clearly launched on their own unique journey toward a positive vision of manhood.

If you are a young man, or the parent of a boy who is ready to make this crossing into the world of men, to become a “Journeyman” or “J-Man,” you can learn more about the RPAW and the registration process at this link.

If you are an adult man interested in assisting the initiation of young men by staffing our weekend, go to this link.

The Men’s Hut

The Men’s Hut is what we call our occasional gatherings of men, J-Men, and young males for fun, learning and just hanging out. When an idea for an outing comes up and a man steps up to organize it, we put out a call to our community.  It’s open to all men and boys in our Tucson village. These activities provide opportunities for group mentoring, conversations, and some really great adventures for all. Our activities include wilderness camping, hiking, workplace visits to learn about men’s work, building things, paintball or rock climbing, learning “men’s skills,” community service activities, and much more.

If you are a man who is willing to invest some time in the lives of a group of young males, if you are a young guy and this sounds like fun, or if know a young man who would enjoy our Men’s Hut activities, please use our contact form or call 520-344-3624 and leave a message for our Men’s Hut Coordinator. He’ll get back to you with the details on how to get involved.

Check out some photos of past Men’s Hut activities here.

Go to this link to learn about our next Men’s Hut activity.

In-School Circles

We are sponsoring support group circles of adolescent boys, facilitated by positive male role models, in public or charter schools in Tucson. Currently we have circles at Pueblo High School and The Waldorf School. Another circle at Cholla High School is modeled after our program as well. Into these circles we bring our ability to listen, accept, admire, model and bless, along with our safety protocols, and experience with Rite of Passage events. The content of these circles focuses on a positive vision of manhood, including qualities of integrity, accountability, compassion, self-reflection, and service. We also focus on themes we know to be issues for this age group such as bullying, divorce, grief, and drug use.

Open Circles for Men and Boys

After completing the Rite of Passage Adventure Weekend, the newly initiated young male gets the title of Journeyman. He is then welcomed to sit in a safe circle with other journeymen, uninitiated boys and supportive men as guides. We call it Open Circle. At these circles participants talk about the issues and experiences of their lives and continue to explore their journey to manhood. In Open Circle, young males get to experience speaking their truth, feeling solidly supported, and belonging to a powerful tribe of males. They also have a lot of fun.


It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
Fredrick Douglass